Splash Stop sold by Aide Automotive

Author: Steve Davies
Steve Davies

Sunday 29 January 2017 - 10:14 am

Splash Stop sold by Aide Automotive

Well, more good news, Aide Automotive has agreed to sell my products with and without their ASD’s. I would like to thank Matt of Aide Automotive for taking the time effort and advice he has given me.

We are know learning that Splash Stop not only helps the driver but also helps companies too. By using our products as an aid it also provides a Health & Safety element. It can also stop skin contamination and prevent splashing in the eyes along with the help of keeping forecourts free from diesel spills and saves on fuel loss over time.

I have been told that in certain circumstances Splash Stop can be left in if the fuel cap is low profile……interesting!

If anyone would like to make any comments I would grateful. Sorry its short and sweet, busy, busy!

Contact Steve at autoventscreens@gmail.com

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