Splash Stop Launch

Author: Steve Davies
Steve Davies

Tuesday 25 October 2016 - 14:30 pm

Splash Stop Launch

This is the first blog I’ve written since the launch of Splash Stop.

I launched in September and within the first week I had sold more than 20 units, had two companies contact me one with ongoing issues around Health & Safety, where three drivers having fuel splashed in their eyes and made contact with the RHA & FTA.

Last week I received a call from the RHA asking me to meet with then with the possibility of stocking their shops. We are meeting in early November.

I now have all the sizes for the majority of heavy trucks available and if anyone finds that they have an Anti Syphon that my products will not fit, then please let me know and it will be sorted. My good friend Richard is constantly updating my website and now added an E-store, where you can buy all my products including the “Greta Screen”. Without him I don't think I would have achieved what I have in this short space of time! The feedback I have been getting is absolutely amazing. You do get the oddball that pops up giving their opinion and finding out that they haven't even bought one……very strange!

Some people have asked me why my company is called Auto Vent Screens as it bears no relation to my current products. The reason for this is because I have invented another product, my main product, that is over in Sweden at the moment with a major truck manufacture.

Please don't forget my policy. I give a 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any issues around any of my products you contact me at autoventscreens@gmail.com and I will reply to you.

Thank you all very much to those of you that have bought my products and please tell other drivers.

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Thanks, Steve.now we need a thousand units sold by Christmas :) Good Luck with the RHA :)

Tuesday 25 October 2016 - 16:33 pm



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